When Creativity Meets Business!

Raffles Design Institute, the pioneer of Education in Design, is starting up their new path of education in the field of business, the “Raffles School of Business Colombo”, an associated college of Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE), Singapore under the wings of the largest private Education Provider in Asia Pacific “Raffles Education Corporation”, Singapore which was established in 1999. With the aim of boosting the Sri Lankan Private Education Sector in Business Studies, The Raffles School of Business Colombo focuses on 6 Month Diploma in Business Studies and upon completion of the first stage of Diploma, students will be eligible to proceed with 1 year Advanced Diploma in Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Operation, Supply Chain & Logistic Operations or Tourism and Hospitality Management. During your studies, Raffles provides you knowledge and skills to apply the management techniques and best real world practices to use immediately in your career path.

Business in 21st century is staying ahead of the pack as globalization and technology have made the market place very prone to competition yet creating many avenues for opportunities. Is that all? Well, the current market place is also about building relationships and creating rapport with every aspect of business operations and personals. This is one of the reasons why traditional methods are shifting to scientific methods in the business world because repeating the same thing over and over does not produce effective results rather thinking outside the box or perhaps changing the method of delivery does bring in effectiveness. ‘Think outside the box’ could be a cliché as it is used very often but what we have to know is before thinking outside the box we shall know what is already in the box. This will enhance the performance of a business process. It is evident that businesses require creativity and analytical skills to transform them from zero to millions, excelling in business.This is one of the utmostskills visionaries like Warren Buffett, Steve jobs and Richard Brandsonhave acquired throughout their respective lives as successful business magnets. Fundamentally speaking, most of the corporates have the luxury of technologies andpertinent processes in place but what they struggleto accumulate is innovation, creation and solution, this is why they rely on human capital, Which aids strategic game plan.

Entrepreneurship is not merely running a business; Entrepreneurship is capable to get something off the ground by taking calculated risks and facing challenges. Entrepreneurs go to bed troubleshooting and wake up to diagnose issues. To become an entrepreneur one has to think and live like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is not necessarilyabout being their own boss or self-employed ratherthey are fascinated about being a creator, investor and constant learner. This is why it takes commitment and thinking out loud ability to become an entrepreneur.

How Raffles differ? Raffles School of Business is synergy of design and business, which means we believe that the present business world requires creativity combined with analysis, which will manifest productive results. Businesses activities nowadays do not expect only hard work but they also expect smart work. We are merging creativity and technical knowledge into the codes of business elements such as Marketing and Sales, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and PR, Leadership, Planning, Procurement, and Market Research. End of the day we want to produce individuals who can think practically and execute precisely.

Raffles is currently enrolling students for the July 2018 Intake and is looking forward to working with the next generation of creative businessmen.