Johannes Silaban
Johannes Silaban – Assistant Vice President for Sri Lanka

Welcome to Raffles in Colombo!

We are a creative campus who runs a creative education mainly in design and business fields. Our education done through a deep design lifestyle in the campus, empower our students, shape them and prepare the to be ready to enter the industry straight away after the complete their education here in Raffles.

Our design programmes are practical based education which really make a students capable in their expertise. Our business programmes goes beyond their certificate or title, the students are strong in concept, sharp in problem solving, and excellent in implementation with a good entrepreneurship spirit.

Raffles Promises:

  • Embrace a holistic education through the development of superior thinking processes, the mastery of communication, and the acquisition of thorough and effective work methods.
  • Industry-focused and relevant.
  • We promote:
    • Social responsibility
    • Professional excellence for employability
    • Analytical thinking for problem solving
    • Creativity to encourage innovation
    • Entrepreneurship

Our team here in Raffles in ready to make your dreams come true to be a Designer, Marketer and Entrepreneur!