Colombo Raffles’ Designers at Raffes Education Headquarters in Singapore.

We are all part of the fabric that makes up societies on a micro and macro level. Each of us works bringing to the table our unique skill sets, personalities, and talents. As creative individuals designers are in the unique position to influence the pathways of our chosen fields, and in doing so impact society as a whole. Fashion designers now are impacting not only how, and what People wear, but also end to end requirements taking into consideration accountability on all levels.  No longer are fashion designers simply dreaming up aesthetic fantasies with no consequence. The industry has been an integral part in changing the systems that over decades had free reign with no consequences. Now designers are looking into the opposite of “fast fashion” and realizing and reiterating that the very need for speed that kept the industry working at a frantic pace, has been more harmful in the long run. Designers have also understood, and are highlighting the need for materials, accessories, and finishes that are earth friendly. We cannot simply scour resources without consequence when We are aware that every action has a reaction. The creative processes are re-aligned to work with and not against the natural grain of social and environmental systems. From emissions to waste management, from understanding that unfettered import/export has an effect on the carbon footprint, to re and upcycling, through to re-usability the fashion industry is working with global organizations to make sure that the clothes on Our backs are also good for us.

We at Raffles Colombo provide premier design education while constantly underlining the goals of Our graduates with skill based learning. Our programs are formulated to bring about the learning process in a “step by step” system which ensures a holistic method, while empowering the Students at each level in progress. The design industries are ever changing, and are also on the cutting edge of innovations, and unique formulations. At raffles Colombo the professionals delivering the modules are up to date with the industry standards, and are involved in many instances, in the newest areas of innovation. This brings about related skills into the classroom, and that in turn makes Our Students industry ready, and prepared to enter the workforce.

Being part of a globally enlivened education network makes Raffles truly international in the delivery of the programs, and also in the progressive thinking that powers the module deliveries. We have a cross fertilization of ideas that make the Raffles family across the 23 campuses rich in cultural diversity, and unique thinking. The students are constantly inspired to look beyond borders, and are given numerous opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas with colleagues and professionals internationally. From attending the Raffles graduation fashion show and exhibition in Singapore, along with visiting the state of the art Singapore campus, through to attending internationally recognized exhibits, the professionals and Students that make up Raffles Colombo are constantly inspired to higher planes of creativity. Raffles Colombo Students also participate in numerous events, and symposiums, along with industry related projects across the programmes. This is also a unique part of our education, that ensures the Students are the best creative professionals upon graduation from Raffles Colombo.

By Dinesh Chandrasena – Academic Lead Raffles Colombo.