The world of digital content creation is a very rapidly changing one. With the advent of the internet and availability of smartphones, every person has the power to create and share their creations with the entire world. Thereby, the value of knowledge in designing is becoming more important with each passing day. Almost every company has a dedicated person who runs their social media and creates digital content on a frequent basis. Therefore, a staple requirement for any designer nowadays is the knowledge in graphic design.

Graphic design is the process of visually communicating ideas and arriving at solutions through the adept use of typography, symbols, photography and illustration. A good graphic design attracts the attention of a wide scale audience, has the ability to establish a good brand name and also boost sales for a company. Take any film poster that persuaded you to go watch a movie, any advertisement that convinced you to purchase a product – you will find a graphic designer behind the fantastic artwork. The scope of a graphic designer’s work opportunities is vast. Unlike other designers, a person versed in graphics has the versatility to adapt and work in turfs which range from advertising and film to fields as diverse as medical, engineering and fashion. Additionally, the knowledge in graphic design provides the basis for more complex arenas such as motion graphics, video production and other forms of multimedia design that make use of the same basic principles.

With social media and streaming services dominating the cybersphere, more digital content creators are in demand by almost every industry. Most designers rake in their work from overseas and engage in creating within the comfort of their homes. In short, the entire world is being driven by the need for innovative and unique digital content. Such as the world changed and we at Raffles understand the need to evolve with this need.

At Raffles Colombo understand the importance of visually communicating an idea. Our Graphic Design and Multimedia programmes are built on the underlying principle that skill-based learning in a practical environment is key. Our students are taught by lecturers who are at the cutting-edge of their respective design fields. They bring in game-changing opportunities and skills which are imparted to our students during practical sessions in the classroom. Students are continually exposed to global ideas and innovations through lectures at Raffles which refines their skills and mould them into industry-ready professionals by the end of the programmes. Our lecturers are learners themselves, which is beneficial as they are open-minded and adapt to the ever-changing demands on their industries. This elusive knowledge gained through such flux is thereby transferred to our student. Raffles itself is part of a global education network that pioneers progressive thinking and learning strategies. Constantly being updated via our partner college in Singapore and our university in Malaysia, our students are exposed to global learning which puts them at the forefront of all creative professionals upon graduation from Raffles Colombo.

“Experience the new Local & International Design trends & obtain an Internationally recognized Bachelor’s Degree”

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By Akash Sunethkumara – Lecturer – Graphic Design Programmes