Visual Communication Design

Qualification: Diploma
Awarding Body: Raffles College of Higher Education
Duration: 9 Months (3 Terms)
Intakes: January, April, July & October
Standard Benchmarks: QAHE Benchmark for Art & Design

The immense advancements that have arisen from new discoveries and development in information & media technology are constantly altering the field of visual communication. These changes have also brought about unprecedented challenges and opportunities for both the prospective and active visual communication practitioners.

Recognizing the need to keep pace with the rapidly evolving environment, the aim of the Diploma in Visual Communication Design programme is to provide students an industry – focused design curriculum in a professional and creative setting.

In the programme, students will be exposed to a well – balanced course of study encompassing the fundamental theories and the most up-to-date technical skills in design. In addition, students are required to put the knowledge and skills into practice in a variety of design exercises and projects. During the course of study , students will be introduced to essential design modules in Visual Communication Design such as Design Principles , Colour for Designers, Creativity and Problem Solving , Digital Photography, Fundamentals of Typography , Fundamentals of Page Layout , Graphic Print Production and more.

The curriculum of the programme will be delivered in a mix of teaching tactics ranging from lectures and seminars to tutorials and various assessment methods including assignments, presentations, research, and quiz. Throughout the programme, emphasis will be put on the conceptual abilities and aesthetic sensibilities of the students. The main objective of the programme is clearly about enabling students to develop effective designs with strategic communication purposes.


  • Design Principles
  • Colour for Designers
  • Digital and Applied Illustration
  • Fundamentals of Typography
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Graphic Print Production
  • Digital Photography
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Design History and Culture
  • Fundamentals of Page Layout
  • Academic Research & Communication Skills
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