Intakes : February, September
Duration : 1 Year
Awarded by : Raffles Colombo/ Raffles University Systems (RUS) Singapore

he Graphic Design one-year Diploma takes students to the next stage in the design platform following on from the 6-month certificate course. It is tailor made for those possessing beginners level knowledge of branding and a working knowledge of research & analysis, concept development, visualization, colour, typography, layout & composition, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The course enables participants to use various elements and tools available to a Graphic Designer in initially creating and developing visual identities, which accurately convey and shape a company’s image, services and ideals.
This is Branding as we know it and is more than just an identity but more of an emotional experience that is realized by the customer – that sells the product or service, be it a Fashion Label, a car, a house or simply FMCGs that we come across on a daily basis on the super market shelves. All of these identities have carefully developed personalities, characteristics and history that the consumer relates and connects with, while being loyal. This is only possible due to Graphic Design and we explore many elements such as design theory and critical thinking and apply visual identities across a range of media by using image, type and space to communicate complex messages and ideas efficiently and clearly and resolve graphic design problems.

  • Research & Analysis, Visualization and Concept Development.
  • Color, Typography, Space, Layout & Composition & Image.
  • Case Studies and Laws of Branding.
  • Logo Design, Stationary, Brochure & Leaflet, Poster & Press Advertising and Packaging Design.
  • Presentation & Introduction to brand guidelines.