Intakes : February, September
Duration : 1 Year
Awarded by : Raffles Colombo/ Raffles University Systems (RUS) Singapore

This programme includes an overview of the basic life cycle of a garment from the design sketch to the finished garment sample. The course examines the roles of drawing, pattern making and sewing in a professional context in order to gain a greater understanding of the fashion industry. It has been created to approach and build the participants knowledge of basic drawing and pattern making principles step by step and it covers the basic concepts and terminology before moving into an array of more advanced designs.As part of this course participants will look at professional systems and discuss how to adopt processes from professional design studios to achieve excellent results in the final garments.

  • Basic Garment Lifecycle Overview
  • Professional Systems: From Design Sketch to Finished Sample
  • Communicating Design Ideas.Clarifying the concept of a collection: mood board, fabric board, design sketch & technical drawings.
  • Key Body Guidelines: Body Measurements, Dress Forms & Mannequins
  • Basic Blocks, Making a set of Blocks.
  • Pattern Information and Cut Instruction.
  • Pattern Making Methods: Cut and Spread Method & Pivot Method
  • Trueing, Blending and Flow Through
  • Testing Construction Finishes: Using toiles and construction tests in projects.
  • Applying Basic Principles, Garment Making