Intakes : February, September
Duration : 6 Months
Awarded by : Raffles Colombo/ Raffles University Systems (RUS) Singapore

The course enables students to use illustration, color and typography skills to create logos by developing visual identities, which accurately convey and shape a company’s image, services and ideals. Participants will gain a deeper understanding and greater control of visual communication systems and techniques by researching the role of visual branding elements such as Color, Typography, Space and Composition. The central goal of this course is to deepen and broaden knowledge on establishing an entity’s identity. Students will be able to create and apply visual identities across a range of media by using image and type to communicate complex messages and ideas efficiently and clearly to solve graphic design problems using critical and conceptual processes.


This course is designed to be participatory and practical in nature. Participants will develop skills in addition to concept development and the course will comprise of a combination of lectures, video/slide presentations, book/ article analysis, group discussions and practical studio time.