Nimasha Deshapriya – Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

Nimasha Deshapriya – Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design


“The multicultural environment of students from different countries and the superb lecturer ‘Dinesh Chandrasena’ who were at the lecturer panel made me choose Raffles Design Institute. 
I found a very caring and homely environment where we were supported in our studies; lecturers are very kind, and their way of teaching is really interesting.”

Chokolaate Magazine: Raffles Colombo – A Unique Learning Experience for Extraordinary Career Success

Chokolaate Magazine: Raffles Colombo – A Unique Learning Experience for Extraordinary Career Success

by Nithya Sarathchandra

Photos by Kevin Michael

Dinesh Chandrasena and Alina Erimia – Photo by Chokolaate Magazine

Raffles Colombo the current modern design learning education provider in Colombo offers internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree programmes in Fashion Design and Interior Design. Students have the unique advantage of receiving a holistic skill based approach to design studies combined with skills development through various hands-on collaborations with industry partners both local and international. 

We at Chokolaate had the pleasure of sitting down with Dinesh Chandrasena, the Academic Lead and Program Coordinator for Fashion Design, and Alina Erimia Senior Lecturer at Raffles Colombo. 

“We are one, and we better make it work. Do your best.” – Dinesh Chandrasena 

What makes Raffles unique? 

Dinesh – We are the premier education provider for design in Sri Lanka, which is part of a large global network spanning Asia, the Pacific region and Europe. Academia has been a wonderful facet to my career as a designer and creative director, and I have always strongly believed that knowledge is meant to be shared. 

What we offer at Raffles is unique, because we are international and standardized across our Network. The modules taught here, from examinations to assignments are the same you will find in Milan, Singapore, and worldwide. 

This is a valuable advantage to our students as they receive global learning with the skill and strength to work anywhere in the world, simply because we deliver the same international standards here are Raffles Colombo. We also have the best local and international industry professionals teaching here. 

How does Raffles offer real time Industry experience?

Dinesh – We currently have many graduates who are emerging leaders in the industry running their own business as well as taking part in CFW, MDFD, MISS EARTH and large projects with industry forerunners like Marriot Weligama, Cinnamon and Sheraton projects to name a few. Graduates gain employment, and We supervise our current students on such large scale projects, and therefore these accolades serve as feathers in their hats of achievement.

 Their education here at Raffles empowered with this unique opportunity is an invaluable stepping stone into success, as we prepare them for the international arena. Our students therefore receive this unique experience as gaining first hand exposure into the industry while studying here. 

How does Raffles train it’s Students/Graduates to give back to the world? 

Dinesh Chandrasena – Academic Lead at Raffles Colombo

Dinesh – We at Raffles are firm believers in responsibility. 

It is not just about recycling or switching off the light, responsibility has to emerge from humanity, from the understanding that we are not here to dominate, and that we are only one of many species present. Therefore it is not fair to exploit all that is around us. 

These are a few of the things we as lecturers discuss to stay at the cusp of International Leadership. Also, our Singapore institute has won many awards in the field of responsible design. Therefore, we ensure our students understand that it is always a conscious decision, to be responsible in employing, designing, and in general, to making Fashion responsible in itself. 


1.EMPLOY RESPONSIBLY: We have a reason to employ fairly and across a spectrum that is unbiased of social prerequisites but is instead based on skill and talent. 

2.BE RESPONSIBLE TO YOUR EMPLOYER: If someone trusts you with the responsibility of performing as per your job, you have to deliver your best and keep them informed on responsible measures, as You have been employed because of Your unique skill sets, and these need to be utilized for the good of the organization. 

3.EMPOWER OTHERS: As a society, we are only but a tiny part of a large jigsaw puzzle, and thereby it is our duty to be kind, supportive and not be threatened. 

4.UNDERSTAND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Always remember that you have a responsibility with social media and what you say or do, what is the message you are giving to people? 

5.EMPOWER THE NEXT GENERATION: A great part of self actualization is giving back to the world, a great responsibility in itself. Empower and pass on! 

Alina Erimia is from Romania and has been working at Raffles as a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design for the past 3 years. A fabulous artist who can translate a great deal into design academics, Alina brings a very enriching experience of Art to her students. 

“I believe art is part of culture, and through art you can ignite a person’s passion, dedication and discipline. You can also see their skills and their curiosity of the world. Each color, pigment and material adds a significant touch, and therefore it’s important to understand all your elements.” – Alina Erimia



2.CHOOSE YOUR COMPONENTS WISELY: Back in the day, elements like coral and ivory were exploited for fashion, such measures destroy our ecosystems and the earth. 


4. ART IS TO BE INTERPRETED BY YOU; Artists take great effort into their work, it’s a universal language. Be open minded and take form to what it gives you. Enrich your soul and embrace your emotions

Adapted from Chokolaate Magazine:

Raffles’ Students – Street Photography | Galle

Raffles’ Students – Street Photography | Galle

In Raffles we believed in both classroom and real world learning activities. Going outside to do the practical work will give you a new and fresh perspective while observing new things that able to enrich your knowledge. This field trip to Galle, is part of our photography class.

Raffles: Skills, Opportunities, Quality Learning and Degree in Design

Raffles: Skills, Opportunities, Quality Learning and Degree in Design

Raffles Colombo is the trendiest and modern design learning education spot in town. By being a part of the Raffles Education Corporation in Singapore, now Raffles Colombo offers internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree programmes in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Multimedia Design awarded by Raffles University Iskandar, Malaysia.

At Raffles, students experience the holistic skill based approach to design studies combined with skills development through various hands-on collaborations with industry partners from both local and international. Raffles has been in the operation since 2010, taking the pride of producing the best in class industry ready, globally recognized design professionals.

To upskill the standard of design education, Raffles Colombo equipped with fully fledge design studios, computer lab, state of the art facilities and internationally certified lecturer panel to provide the students premium education experience under one roof.
With the industry exposure from the second academic year, students are more focused to fit in with the industry, career focused to develop their designer lifestyle as a next generation designer with additional abilities to start their own business. This is the most important aspect of the Raffles journey. As a part of the programme spectrum, students will go through an internship programme which will bridge them to start their career in the industry. Also, opens up opportunities to take part in local and international events and competitions.

Design degree at Raffles Colombo is a three years programme with 2 exit points between, which covers the all the aspects of to become the next generation design professional and the global exposure is the added advantage which is only an international education brand can provide.

If you are a design enthusiast and thinking of starting the international design lifestyle, Raffles Colombo is a must visit place. Having intakes in the months of January, April, July and October for all the design programmes, Raffles will guide you to start your design journey step by step until you become the next generation design professional.

Bringing Together Creativity And Business Under One Roof

Bringing Together Creativity And Business Under One Roof

The premier private education provider, Raffles Education Corporation is once again in the spotlight opening avenues for aspiring young individuals. Launching the Business Administration program, Raffles Sri Lanka is now giving students the opportunity to explore creativity and business under one roof.

The business program at Raffles intends on producing professionals capable of administering social and ethical responsibilities, analytical skills, competitiveness and entrepreneurship in business. In addition to coaching students to develop creative and critical problem solving skills necessary to be effective business leaders and executives, the program also aims to nurture students to become confident and coherent future leaders.

“The business education program at Raffles College of Design and Business (RCDB) focuses on the practical aspects of business science. Students will not only learn to see business from a theoretical and research perspective but also the reality in the market and how to achieve the desired business goals. Elements of creativity and analytical thinking will play a major role in the learning process at Raffles,” said Johannes Silaban, College Director for Raffles College of Design and Business.

The business program can be followed in the form of a Diploma or an advanced diploma with the Raffles College of Higher Education being the awarding body. The diploma focusing on business studies functions as an introductory program to prepare students for entry into Advanced Diplomas in business specializations and can be completed in a span of 6 months. The Advanced Diploma spanning a period of 12 months offers diplomas in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operations, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Supply Chain and Logistic Operations and Marketing.

“Our course has more pragmatic elements than theoretical elements and we believe in that if there’s a will there is always a way and the willpower comes from confidence. Raffles College of Design and Business works towards helping students develop these skills,” said Sajith Gaffoor, the Business Program Coordinator.

Having intakes in the months of January, April, July and October for both, the Diploma and Advanced Diploma, RCDB is giving students the opportunity to thrive in the field of business by beginning their journey at Raffles. Growing to operate in 25 colleges and universities in 23 cities across 13 countries in Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Europe, students are given the convenience of completing subjects in different countries where the same programs are taught.

Being a premier private education provider that promises to embrace a holistic education through the advancement of superior thinking processes, the deftness of communication and the procurement of thorough and effective work methods

Raffles College of Design and Business continues to stand out by creating an environment where students grow to create a name for themselves in their desired careers with more than just the academic values that they learn at RCDB. The launch of the Business Program in Sri Lanka is the beginning of a new venture for RCBD to yet again create a successful future for students who strive to be great business leaders.

Saviskara 2018 – A Graduation, Exhibition and Fashion Show!

Saviskara 2018 – A Graduation, Exhibition and Fashion Show!

Saviskara Graduation Exhibition, presented by Raffles College of Design and Business will be held on the Friday, 20th of July 2018, from 6 pm onwards at Ramada Colombo, Sri Lanka. Along with the graduation there will be an exciting Fashion Show with a glamorous collection of more than 100 outfits show by the top models in Sri Lanka.

‘An Exhibition of Talent‘– Saviskara intends to showcase the works of upcoming designers presenting their creativity, professionalism and insight in their respective fields. This years graduating cohort consist of 32 students from respective areas of Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Marketing and Interior Design, hoping to captivate you with their ideas and views in the creative industry as well as with their portfolios and installations.

Raffles Education group which was founded in 1990 by Chew Hua Seng started its first campus in Singapore and gradually developed and managed to Open 25 colleges across 13 countries in Asia and Europe and is now known as the largest education provider in the region.

Raffles education Group Opened its branch in Colombo in 2012 and offered Design related programmes and since then raffles Colombo managed to produce its graduates in the design industry and recently Raffles College of Design and Business headed forward with the step of entering to the business industry and now Raffles College of Design and Business is offering business related programmes with the vision of producing graduates who are can captivate the upcoming needs of the business industry.

This graduation is supported by Steph Clicks, HNB, KISS FM, Samrose Holding, MAS Intimate, Philip Weeraratne Architect, FCCISL.

Photos Link:

Steph Clicks (Official Photography Partner)


Growing in Success, Raffles Design Institute Colombo becomes RCDB

Growing in Success, Raffles Design Institute Colombo becomes RCDB

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Raffles Education Corporation which was founded in Singapore in 1990 has spread across Asia, Europe and Australia to become the leading design education provider, by operating 24 colleges in 23 cities across 13 different countries.

The Colombo campus, which was established in 2010 as Raffles Design Institute was able to grow successfully by producing graduates in the areas of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing, Visual communication and Digital Media Design, progressively creating a prestigious position in the education industry of Sri Lanka, especially in design.

Under the leadership of Mr. Chew Hua Seng as the Chairman of Raffles Education Coorporation, and Mr. Johannes Silaban as the College Director, Raffles Design Institute Colombo, from today will be known as Raffles College of Design and Business, commencing a new chapter with the introduction of business programmes to the existing curriculum. Raffles will operate as two different school (faculty). The design school and the business school.

Following the success of Raffles School of Business which was started in 1999 in Singapore, Raffles campus in Colombo is now starting the business programmes, offering a Diploma in Business Studies as the foundation and will lead students to the specialization areas of Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistic Operations, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Operations, and Tourism & Hospitality Management. The business programs is run on the based on 4 elements of process and characters, those are: Analytical, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial. The delivery of the program will be heavy on the practical implementation part of how a business is running, this will open a Raffles student to a wide range job opportunities upon graduation, and all qualifications will be awarded by Raffles in Singapore.

The graduates with the qualifications from Raffles would set the standard for professionalism in their selected areas, when They enter the job environment. Raffles students learn from experienced industry professionals, gaining knowledge not only theoretically, but with invaluable hands on industry experience as well. Apart from the learning perspective Raffles is a place where students are encouraged to express themselves with numerous activities apart from academia, that enrich their overall campus experience. Raffles have many events where students interact, engage and have fun, focusing their skills into the organizing aspects of events and seeing their efforts come to fruition.

Raffles School of Business – Colombo

Raffles School of Business – Colombo
When Creativity Meets Business!

Raffles Design Institute, the pioneer of Education in Design, is starting up their new path of education in the field of business, the “Raffles School of Business Colombo”, an associated college of Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE), Singapore under the wings of the largest private Education Provider in Asia Pacific “Raffles Education Corporation”, Singapore which was established in 1999. With the aim of boosting the Sri Lankan Private Education Sector in Business Studies, The Raffles School of Business Colombo focuses on 6 Month Diploma in Business Studies and upon completion of the first stage of Diploma, students will be eligible to proceed with 1 year Advanced Diploma in Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Operation, Supply Chain & Logistic Operations or Tourism and Hospitality Management. During your studies, Raffles provides you knowledge and skills to apply the management techniques and best real world practices to use immediately in your career path.

Business in 21st century is staying ahead of the pack as globalization and technology have made the market place very prone to competition yet creating many avenues for opportunities. Is that all? Well, the current market place is also about building relationships and creating rapport with every aspect of business operations and personals. This is one of the reasons why traditional methods are shifting to scientific methods in the business world because repeating the same thing over and over does not produce effective results rather thinking outside the box or perhaps changing the method of delivery does bring in effectiveness. ‘Think outside the box’ could be a cliché as it is used very often but what we have to know is before thinking outside the box we shall know what is already in the box. This will enhance the performance of a business process. It is evident that businesses require creativity and analytical skills to transform them from zero to millions, excelling in business.This is one of the utmostskills visionaries like Warren Buffett, Steve jobs and Richard Brandsonhave acquired throughout their respective lives as successful business magnets. Fundamentally speaking, most of the corporates have the luxury of technologies andpertinent processes in place but what they struggleto accumulate is innovation, creation and solution, this is why they rely on human capital, Which aids strategic game plan.

Entrepreneurship is not merely running a business; Entrepreneurship is capable to get something off the ground by taking calculated risks and facing challenges. Entrepreneurs go to bed troubleshooting and wake up to diagnose issues. To become an entrepreneur one has to think and live like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is not necessarilyabout being their own boss or self-employed ratherthey are fascinated about being a creator, investor and constant learner. This is why it takes commitment and thinking out loud ability to become an entrepreneur.

How Raffles differ? Raffles School of Business is synergy of design and business, which means we believe that the present business world requires creativity combined with analysis, which will manifest productive results. Businesses activities nowadays do not expect only hard work but they also expect smart work. We are merging creativity and technical knowledge into the codes of business elements such as Marketing and Sales, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and PR, Leadership, Planning, Procurement, and Market Research. End of the day we want to produce individuals who can think practically and execute precisely.

Raffles is currently enrolling students for the July 2018 Intake and is looking forward to working with the next generation of creative businessmen.

Raffles Digital Media Design Programme

Samal Bandara, our Lecturer for Digital Media Design Programme in Raffles Colombo speaking about how we prepare our students ready to enter digital media industry.