SHU SiaCertification: Top up Final Year (Sheffield Hallam University)
Duration: 1 year
Intakes: January, July
Program Outline
  • Inhabitation
  • Resolution

Interior Design

The BA (Hons) Interior Design programme aims to facilitate a creative and focused programme of study that provides an informed, challenging and supportive environment in which students can develop their creative and technical abilities in the interior design of buildings.
Throughout the course you will build on your experience year upon year and develop an understanding of core design principals which will enable you to recognize the wider context of a buildings place and setting combined with the thoughtful assembly of elements and objects within a space, to enable you to understand context, structure, organization, function and detail and articulate these ideas through a range of analogue and digital methods.
As a graduate you will be equipped in the development and communication of the design of building interior spaces through academic, practical, historical, theoretical, contextual and professional processes and practice.

Interior Design
You will develop skill sets that will enable you to work as an independent and creative graduate with technical knowledge and expertise. Through the development of thoughtful, innovative, informed and professional design outputs you may go on to pursue careers in Interior Design and other diverse fields of the creative industries.
These projects give you valuable experience of what it’s like to work as an interior designer addressing the needs of commercial clients. They help you develop your understanding of the business context of design work, preparing you for your professional career.